Learning Place Preschool Glendale


Our playground is carefully designed to cater to your growing child. We have 4 sections in our playground. A rubber matted area which is the center of our play area with it’s play structure for the children to climb and play and develop their motor skills. The rubber matting placed cushions their falls which gives them room to experiment and explore without the worry of hurting themselves.
 The tar area for those adventurous students who like to race around in their tricycles learning to follow rules etc. This is also a learning curve for them where they learn to maneuver the tricycle without having accidents with their peers, taking turns learning to share and learning to follow simple rules and instructions to follow the path when riding the tricycles.
  The shaded area lined with tables gives ample space for the students to have their lunch and snacks. It is also a place for puzzles, arts & crafts and It is also another learning experience for them where they learn to socialize and have fun with their peers.
During the Summer months the play area is used for water play with little pools and a water table. It is one of their favorite activities.  


Climber, pedal cars, tricycles, sandbox play are, water play, covered outdoor dining area, crawl worm, playhouse, sunshade, basketball hoop, solid tarmac, grass play area for picnics