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In this section we talk about various topics of interest to parents. Rearing a child is like using a computer. You may buy a fancy new computer but how you treat it and use it will determine your future. Do you really want all that effort in having a child go to waste? You child will have more opportunities today than all the children in the last 100 years combined. From smart phones to free online degrees, better food choices, amazing medical advances, fast and cheap travel, fabulous entertainment, and a wealth of free knowledge just to name a few. The possibilities are endless for parents who can carefully nurture and invest in their child.

Potty Training

Potty training can be hard for some parents. Relax, it is all a matter of planning and focus. You can train your child to go to potty on their own in six weeks. Here is an article to do that in a week.

Childhood obesity

According to this article " Approximately 17 percent of U.S. youth have obesity, and nearly one in three children and adolescents are either overweight or have obesity " Because children are tempted by a whole an array of processed foods high with sugar it is easy for busy parents to cut corners. Type 2 diabetes is a serious health issue even for children. Yes, It is hard to prepare fresh meals and make good food decision everyday especially if you working long hours. But with a bit of planning you can avoid making bad food decisions. Here are some tips to make it happen

  • Design a healthy menu for everyday of the week. Ask your children help to design it as long it involves zero sugar
  • Plan school lunches carefully. A bento box with a beautiful presentation will get kids excited. Preschools do not like mushy food. They like solid hard foods to help them grow their teeth. Separate vegetables and meats. They do not like them all mixed up.
  • Never ever give them soda and juices, except as treat
  • Do not keep any junk food like chips, sodas, frozen food even for yourself. The kids will find it and eat it.
  • Get children in eating lots of vegetables. Add a little extra salt, lime, lemon to make it tasty. They need extra salt for their active physical life.
  • Lead by example and cook fresh meals at least every other day

Social skills

They say a person with a thousand friends will never be unemployed. Allow and actively cultivate friends for your child. Have play dates, plan parties at your house and invite many kids, go on trips with multiple families, The more interaction they have with other people, the more comfortable they will be with others and develop powerful communication skills. It helps children listen, develop empathy and develop teamwork, it also develops leadership skills and builds a strong network of friends who can get them that summer job as teenager or a recommendation for a job after college. The old saying it is not what you know but who you know is what is important. Even if you a shy introverted parent you must make the effort to socially engage. It will bring you opportunities too.

Academic excellence

Research shows how well your child does in life is based on the first 8 years of their life. So it is important you pay attention to this formative period. Teach them healthy eating habits, foster a sense of excellence, develop strong organization skills by delegating tasks to children and providing a well planned structure. Children feel safe and secure when they have set time for meals, school, entertainment and all their activities. There has to be balance of all these factors. Only then will academic excellence shine through.

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Start a college fund now

Its' not too early to start a college fund now. You can start very small. In fact it is better you start small. Open a bank accont with $100 and then add $30 per month. Over 18 years it will become $7543. That is at a minimum. Chances are you can and will put more money aside.But the most important lesson is it will teach you the parent to be displined. Read this article with some valuable tips.

Planning Your child's career

Does it seem silly to plan their future? Absolutely not. Have a vision for what occupation your child will choose based on their talents and skills. Then create a plan to make that possible.

Sure your cannot force your child to be Doctor when they want to be movie director or join the circus. But if you channel your child into one occupation based on their skills, one of things two will happen. They will either go with the career you want for them or they will come with a strong passionate rationale for something they really want to do. When they are convincing enough you can relent and allow them to pursue their passion.

Children at eighteen are full of fear about career choices and are often afraid to make any decision. Forcing them to make a choice will allow them to focus and make critical decisions at a fragile age when they have to face the World. Just like a mama bird will force a bird to fly, you too have to push them to fly, but in a safe environment.


  • Health and nutrition is vital to academic excellence
  • Potty training can be done in six weeks
  • Structure and good organization skills brings a sense of security to the child
  • Plan for their career now
  • Start a college fund now