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Our structured and developmentally academic curriculum includes age appropriate hands-on activities that help develop reading and writing readiness, language development, mathematics, motor activities, arts and crafts, cooking, health and nutrition, safety, science, music, and optional participation in extracurricular activities such as dance and karate.

We offer a year-round program, full-time or part-time enrollment, and half or full-day programs. Be sure to check out our Enrollment Information page for more information!

Developmental focus

When it comes to learning, we strongly believe in a program that focuses on your child’s development and academic preparedness. Whether it’s through our weekly themes, interactive coursework, or hand-curated curriculum, we try to encourage and instill good habits and behaviors that will help your child succeed in a fully structure learning environment (kindergarten and beyond).

The role of play

Children at this age learn and grow through playing. Research shows that play is essential to growing up healthy. Active, creative play benefits every aspect of child development. “Play is behavior that looks as if it has no purpose,” says NIH psychologist Dr. Stephen Suomi. “It looks like fun, but it actually prepares for a complex social world.” Evidence suggests that play can help boost brain function, increase fitness, improve coordination and teach cooperation.

If children lack playtime, says Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, an infant language expert at the University of Delaware, “Social skills will likely suffer. You will lack the ability to inhibit impulses, to switch tasks easily and to play on your own.” Play helps young children master their emotions and make their own decisions. It also teaches flexibility, motivation, and confidence.

Learning Place Preschool


Toys that teach

At The Learning Place Preschool, we maintain and update our educational materials and toys frequently so that there is always a balance between visual learning toys (puzzles, art, paintings), auditory learning toys (music books, alphabet interactive reading toys), and tactile toys (lego, toy construction tools, toy baking supplies).

The power of books

We have an extensive library that offers more than 250 reference books and children story books for children to learn from and browse during free time. Children pay attention to everything. When your child sees you reading newspapers, magazines, and books, he or she will understand the importance of reading and will want to read, too. Similarly, when children are surrounded by a library of books during school, they will also want to pick one out and read through it. Children love repetition, so if you have some of their favorite books at home, feel free to read them repeatedly!