Learning Place Preschool Glendale


This is our 5-6-year-old class who is more secure and ready for a higher-level challenge. Our students have a lot of opportunities to explore learning centers and participate in dramatic play. Your child will learn to recognize letters and letter sounds, add two groups of concrete objects by counting and begin to understand the concepts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This well-rounded program also incorporates a Spanish-language program.

Learning Place Preschool Glendale



Children experiment with different letter sounds and start to explore characters and story plots. Group activities help children learn to follow directions, take turns, and develop friendships. Children clap, move and sing songs; create art by folding, cutting, and coloring; and act out lyrics to favorite songs. Children explore number concepts and practice comparing, classifying, and measuring. They begin to use a number line doing simple additions. Children practice fine-motor skills with puzzles and improve balance through movement and fun activities. Children perform simple experiments, learn about the weather, and compare personal characteristics.

Basics of Self-Control

  • Accepting responsibility by doing chores
  • Keeping to a schedule
  • Listening to directions
  • Waiting my turn
  • Saying please and thank you

Things They Need to Know

  • Name (first & last)
  • Age, phone number, address
  • Names and relations of family members
  • Point to and name different objects and colors
  • How to use bathroom without help
  • Write their first names
  • Count to twenty, pick out individual numbers
  • Say the alphabet, pick out some individual letters

Motor Skills

  • Walk, run, and jump
  • Hop on one foot, balance on one foot
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Turn water faucets on and off
  • How to hold a pencil or crayon with thumb and fingers
  • Put simple puzzles together

Reading Readiness

  • Listen when someone reads to children
  • Know which way to turn the pages
  • Look at pictures and pick out the details
  • Remember parts of a story read to them
  • Speak in complete sentences
  • Ask relevant questions